Annie Wolff Portfolio




Berkshire Theatre Group


Bells Are Ringing & Others

As a stitcher, I built these sparkly spandex showgirl outfits and draped the James-esque white additions to black gowns in the photo to the right. In addition to these two projects, I helped to alter and constuct many of the dozens of costumes needed for this dazzling muscial and the four other productions of the season.

Centre College

Costume Designer

Señora Tortuga

Designing the costumes for this children show presented multiple challenges. The costumes needed to serve the characters, visual style and storytelling of the production while retaining the whimsical touches that engage young audiences.

Centre College

Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead & Others

As Assisant Costume Shop Manager, I took on challenging construction projects, such as the doublet posted in this photo. I also assisted in purchasing fabrics and supplies and contributed to the training of new employees.

Centre College

Assistant Costume Designer


As Assisant Costume Designer, I was involved in the design process from very early on and contributed to important decisions on style and construction. I was also responsible for the painting and tattoo designs on the Witches' bodysuits. I referenced ancient Pictish runes and modern watercolor techniques to evoke an otherworldly aura.

Hangar Theatre


Little Shop of Horrors & Others

In this small shop, I was the front line of construction and I assisted on nearly every constructed piece and many alterations.